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 Posted: May 9 2017, 11:32 PM
married to
Living Life, Life in the Fast Lane, Not that Bad, No One Can Complain

This should be pretty self-explanatory. If you have any problems relating to another member, regardless if they're staff, feel free to pm another staff member if you need assistance.
Please make an OOC account first with your player alias and link all of your ic accounts to it. There is no word count. God modding and meta-gaming are not allowed at any time.
Please only advertise in the designated area. Advertisements in other areas will be removed without warning.
To qualify as active, each of your character's must have at least one active thread. It's expected that each character has at least once or two posts a month as well. You can put up absences as you see fit. We do have check-ins every three months. To pass a check-in you simply have to reply with who you're saving and dropping, nothing more. Those who do not pass a check-in will be placed under inactive and archived whilst their claims are put back up for grabs.
You have seven days from the day you create it to finish it. If you need more time PM an admin to let us know and you may be granted an extension. There is no cool down period between apps, just be considerate.
Character Creation
There is no character limit here on AC as long as you keep your current characters active. Character accounts must be registered as First Last, i.e. Queenie Goldstein. You can also use a nickname for your first. Characters are not allowed to share the same last name unless they're related so be sure to check the member list to see what's taken, sharing first names is totally fine. Once your character is accepted, please make your claims before roleplaying. Failure to make your claims means that your character's face/canon is up for grabs still.

All characters must at least be fourteen years old and play bys must at least be the age of that character and no younger. Characters and playbys under eighteen are prohibited from taking part in mature threads. Your character must also be eighteen and have graduated in order to be subjected to the marriage law. You may also create characters that are not single and make an ad for them as a pre-match or make them with another player (simply apply as engaged or married). There's no limit on pre-matches, but please be reasonable. Those that are Widowed or Divorced have the choice of returning to the pool immediately or remaining single for a 3 month grace period.

When deciding occupations for characters, please be realistic. Professors are likely 24+ and Aurors at least 21+, etc.

You can play as many canons as you like as long as they're not directly related. I.E. father & son, brother & sister, etc. Playing your character's cousin is totally fine.
Play Bys & Characters
Here on AC we use real life play bys of famous celebrities such as actors, models and musicians. There is no age rule, as long as your character's graphics can reasonably pass as the age your character is portraying then they're perfectly acceptable. Play By reserves are allowed and last for one week and may be reserved again once. You may reserve up to three faces at one time. Sharing faces is allowed with the original player's permisson or for identical twins/triplets. You can also share a face as long as you have the original claimer's permission. They have the right to say no.

Also be sure to be aware of your character and play by's ethnicity when creating a character. For example, if the play by is half Asian, perhaps incorporate that into your character instead of making them entirely white, etc.

Play Bys from the movies are allowed, the character just cannot be a carbon copy of the character from the movies/books. i.e. Emma Watson faced girl can be a muggleborn but can't be the brightest witch of her age, etc.
Please fill them out and keep them updated. If you're having issues with it pm @Heather. Feel free to post requests in the Graphics & Coding section for gifs and avatars if needed. The hexcodes for the member groups on your profile can be found under the Member Groups topic. Make sure to add the # before the hex code.
Matches happen whenever the pool has enough singles to make at least three couples. Here on AC, the pool is sorted by sexual preference and characters are matched according to their preference. The pool is split up as follows: Opposite (for heterosexual pairings), Same (for same sex pairings) and Any (for those that are fine with either or non binary).
Mature Threads
AC is a Jcink Premium Site and Mature threads are allowed. Please be sure to mark them, however, since not every member wants to read mature threads. Please also use trigger warnings if your thread or post has sensitive material. Please post all mature threads in the mature threads forum.
Templates are completely optional. There's a built bbcode template already in the reply box, just click post. You can even make it fancy and insert an image via the picture button also found in the reply box.
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